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PureSweetEvil [userpic]
Engagement Announcements

We did some outside shots for our engagement announcements yesterday. Here are the two I like the best. Let me know what you think out of the two and If you want to have me send you an announcement when they are ready please either email me or leave me your email so I can somehow get your address. =)

Image hosting by Photobucket

Image hosting by Photobucket

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I like the first pic! :) My email is bluskyz75@gmail.com or you can message me on myspace.

Congrats babe! Our first year anniversary is this Sunday, can you believe that?? :)

Thats so awesome! I cant believe its been a year for you already!! Thanks for responding =)

I like them both. Maybe you can do half with one pic and half with the other, lol. If I have to choose, I would go with the close up one because you are both smiling and look so happy and you can see so much more of your faces in that one. But did I mention I really like them both?

I am not so sure why that icon appeared in my last reply! It wasn't the one I chose! Dammit:)

Both look good, think I prefer the bottom one of the 2, the 2 of you look really happy :)