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PureSweetEvil [userpic]
an update...from moi'?

Did u decide I was never coming back? Well I prolly wont be here on a regular basis because I am on myspace but I wanted to say hi to anyone still out there if I havent been kicked off all my friends list for being lame! I am playing World Of Warcraft these days, going to college and working as asst manager of Hot Topic in Parkway plaza. No complaints about life, I got a house which I ADORE and my son is still kick ass. My dad passed away a month ago and that was a tough one but I think I am healing well. Thom and I broke up and Im not sure what to say about that... he made his choices and I made mine...so its over. I hope you all are doing well with whatever you are pursuing in life, let me know how you are and have a great day!!


Hey there stranger. I have missed you. *HUG*

Sorry to hear about your dad and that you and Thom are no longer together. Hope things are getting better.

I am doing great. I have lost 71lbs and I feel wonderful. Maybe we can get together soon adn I can show off the new me. Talk to you later. *HUG*

Man. Sounds like you've had some trying times. I've never lost a parent, so I can't even pretend to know what that's like.

I'm rarely on here due to MySpace as well. I searched for you using your email address (the one on your info screen) and added you. So you better except the friend request from The Bill®.....because that's me. Haha.

Indeed I will =) nice to hear from you

This is still my main stomping ground, but if yours is MySpace, add me.

dude, it's good to hear from you :)

you should add me on myspace

it's DeweyBanks SHOCKER!!!

I was wondering where you'd disappeared to - myspace is evil, and I avoid it like the plague ;) But I hope you're doing well, and occasionally post to say hi!

Hope Nathan is doing well too.


Hey you. I hope that you are doing well. I have missed you. Hope to hear from you soon. Call me. 619-917-1281.