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PureSweetEvil [userpic]

Corinna and I are sitting here in my room watching HIM videos. WOW all I can say is Ville Valo....FUCKIN HOT BITCH! Anyway reason for my post we are watching Gone with the Sin video and it reminded me of the first time I saw a firefly... to people who live in the midwest and south this may be no big deal to you but I live In California so we dont have shit like that here. In fact the first time I saw a firefly I was 25 years old... I was with Brian at this park-ish type place in Indiana at night. This place was beautiful...took my breath away. It has mini waterfalls and such.... Being an adult I have to say that the night in question made me feel as close to a child as one could get. Seeing a firefly for the first time, being in such a beautiful magical place... it was surreal. I felt overwhelmed with emotion. Very powerful stuff... anyway watching the video made it all come flooding back to me hence the post... nice stuff like that I want to remember for my whole life. I do very much wish I could go back to Indiana and experience that again

Current Mood: giddygiddy